Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm too busy to train - Can I just buy the notes from you?

A. Sorry but no, our notes work with our training as a package. Talk to us about fitting in with your busy schedule.

Q. Will you come to us?

A. Yes, probably! It's simpler that way. Outside of the M25 we'll usually ask you to meet our reasonable travel or accommodation costs though.

Q. What do we need to provide you with on the day?

A. Nothing fancy: a room, a laptop maybe, your interest, and a maximum of around 20 people (depending on the room size, of course) - more for talks & seminars.

Q. Can people from other organisations attend my training event?

A. Certainly, we like diverse groups, & encourage cost sharing between clients. We'll do our best to adapt the course to meet everyone's needs.

Personal Development
Q. Will my employer pay for my Personal Development?

A. Possibly, many do. Some may be prepared to share the costs with you. Talk to us about how it can work.

Q. What about confidentiality?

A. Our professionalism and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Q. I want to look at my career/personal circs/ goals/priorities?

A. We're able to help with all of these, at your pace, and in confidence.

Q. Do I have to commit myself to a lengthy programme of sessions?

A. No, we'll agree how best to proceed at the outset according to your priorities and needs.

Q. Rubber-stamp our report for us, please?

A. Sorry no, we leave that to others. But if you want our opinion though…

Q. Can you mediate in disputes?

A. Yes, we're good at finding solutions to problems without necessarily allocating blame.

Q. Can you help with efficiency?

A. Yes, we have a great track record in working with organisations and individuals to achieve more.

Q. Thanks for the advice, now can you help me implement it?

A. For some having the information is enough, while others require more support with making things happen. We're happy to help at all stages

Q. Will you pass my name on to other organisations?

A. No, we never pass on details of our clients to other firms.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we are fully insured in all aspects of our business.

Q. Can we speak to other people who've used Latitude?

A. Yes, we can provide written testimonials or put you in touch with other clients if you prefer.

Q. Can you take on a case for me?

A. We rarely do casework directly, but we may be able to help with guidance, supervision or other support.

Q. Are you recruiting?

A. Although we do retain a list of suitably skilled consultants with whom we hope to work in the future, we're not hiring staff at the moment. Please email us your details & specialism if you wish to be considered for our consultants list.

Q. Do I have to pay for our first meeting?

A. No, initial meetings are free, confidential and without obligation.

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