Specialist Advice

Over the last fourteen years, we have tried as much as is possible, to support individuals and organisations manage the speed at which legislation and guidance changes. As well as providing advice and training, we have posted important developments every month on the news section of this website and provided follow up for training participants via email. However, over the last year, people have requested more support than these can reasonably provide. So, in response we are announcing two new services.

Firstly, we are offering organisations the opportunity to access individualised and specialist advice via email for a monthly/half yearly/annual subscription fee. Organisations who subscribe will be able to choose the level of support they want from the occasional back up (less than 5 enquiries a month) up to a maximum of 60 a month (which equates to 2 a day effectively). Please contact Shirley for more details.

Secondly, we will shortly be hosting podcasts which you can listen to at your convenience and free of charge. They will cover a range of topics within our area of expertise but will focus on issues and questions that are frequently raised in our training sessions or via email. Let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas about how we can help.

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