Its where we made our name. Core modules where clarity, understanding & fun matter most. The game moves on though and we add to the training programme constantly.

New for this year are:

Universal Credit

The introduction of Universal Credit to replace much of the current benefit system represents the biggest change to the welfare state since the National Assistance Act in 1948. From October 2013 Universal Credit will be the principal means tested benefit available to vulnerable people, people on low or no income and those in specific situations such as carers. This course examines how Universal Credit works and who will be the likely winners and losers. This is an essential course for all who work in the social care or health sector, those who support vulnerable adults and those working in specific fields such as housing & homelessness.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

In December 2010, the Government announced plans to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with a new benefit: the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). PIP replaces working age DLA from April 2013. There will be an initial trial scheme covering the north of England extending to all new claims for benefit from June 2013. This course explores the similarities between PIP and DLA as well as the important differences especially the new scoring system. This course gives details of the likely impact on different disabilities and advice for organisations on how to manage the transfer process from one benefit to another.

European Nationals

In response to demand, we have prepared a course looking at the principle treaties and regulations that govern the rights of European Nationals to come to the UK to work and/or access services and benefits. This is a complex area of law that many public sector organisations as well as support projects and the voluntary sector increasingly have to engage with. The course aims to help workers understand how European provisions apply and what criteria they should use in assessing entitlement.

Also available from April 2013 will be:

  • A new course outlining the recently introduced provisions for housing costs in Supported Accommodation
  • A new course examining the Care & Support Act
  • An updated session on Fairer Charging

National Occupational Standards

These standards outline the knowledge and skills needed to deliver advice. Our courses cover the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate meeting the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

General Social Care Council

Our courses are appropriate for ongoing learning and can be counted towards any post-regulatory training and learning.

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