Social Welfare

Impact of Life Events on Entitlement

Most often, individuals and families find the lack of clear & accurate advice at the time of key life events such as the birth of a child, onset of a long term illness or disability or retirement, makes these transition periods far more difficult than they should be. Consistently research has shown that it is at these points of transition that many risk losing employment, financial stability and access to a wide range of potential support. This course provides the required information about the changing rights and entitlements that accompany these life events. The course will cover:

  • The rights and entitlements that accompany key life events
  • Advice on how best to plan for life event changes
  • Detailed case studies

Who Should Attend:

Key, support, developmental and resettlement workers with the responsibility for helping individuals and families adjust to life changes and those planning and providing domiciliary care services.