Social Welfare

Welfare Support for People with a Long-Term Illness or Disability

This new course pulls together the range of financial, support and practical help people with a long-term illness or disability can claim and shows the impact of a change of circumstances on entitlement.  As with all our courses, the approach is a practical one designed to help those working with disabled people.  Participants will:

  • Learn how different aspects of an illness or disability triggers entitlement
  • Be able to map out all the resources available to disabled people and apply them to individual circumstance
  • Develop an awareness of the support available outside of their own services
  • Understand how changes impact on entitlement

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who deals with benefits for disabled people such as support workers, key workers, carers & people who work with carers, social workers & volunteers, resettlement staff, anyone involved in the planning of services for people with disabilities and/or those delivering community based services or supporting personalisation.