Case Studies

Effective Management

Alex has a senior Government job and is widely seen as a leader in his field. He came to see us when a crisis at work threatened his career. Alex was very busy but had no idea what he achieved or what he wanted to achieve. He needed help to re-evaluate his goals and priorities, to change the way he used his time and focus on what was important to him. Alex now spend less time ‘working’ but has improved his unit’s effectiveness, turned around a failing department and now has both the time and the energy to spend with his partner and 3 year son.

Exit strategy

Jaz worked for a central government department in a highly ‘visible’ post, often involving issues covered by the media. For some time she had felt stuck – overwhelmed by the pressures of the job and unable to make a change due to her personal and family commitments. By identifying her primary concerns and wishes for the future, she was able to develop a strategy that would gradually see her move into running her own freelance business.

Work/Life Balance

Bob had worked for a local authority for many years – “in my time I have seen it all”. Over the last few years Bob had lost any enthusiasm for work and had started to develop a number of stress-related health problems. In tackling his concerns about change and whether his skills would be valued elsewhere because of his age, Bob was able to reduce his hours and now works part-time at a community based project working with young people at risk of exclusion from school.

Reflective Analysis

Ngozi had lost her job through redundancy and was finding it very hard to apply for other posts, although very well qualified, due to a loss of confidence. She felt she ought to get another qualification and this was something her personal advisor at the Jobcentre had also flagged up. Early discussions quickly highlighted this as a ‘crisis response’ – something she felt she ought to do rather than wanted to do. Taking some time just to consider her next best move helped her realise that she was ready for a new challenge and that opportunities often come disguised as threats. She recently applied and got a senior management post.

Goal Setting

Deborah ran a small business in partnership with her co-director. They had very different approaches to the business and what they wanted to achieve. Working with a development expert enabled them to successfully restructure the business.

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