Equality & Diversity

For some this is a complex area, difficult to understand, harder to put into practice: something of a minefield. But it needn't be like that.

Firstly it's important to be clear about the issues - what the law, regulations & guidance seek to achieve. Crucially for public sector bodies or organisations carrying out public functions, it is important to know what specific duties they have to promote equality.

Secondly, while it is tempting to approach employment & service delivery issues as if they were separate and distinct areas, they reality is that they are inextricably linked. It would take someone very short sighted indeed to think that exemplary services can be delivered in an environment where employment issues are ignored.

Thirdly, what really matters is behaviour. What was meant, intended or more often not intended is largely irrelevant. The focus is what happened.

And finally it is about evidence - who, what, why, when, where, how. It is not about giving merit to unsubstantiated allegations but it is about starting from a position of belief.

And if it all still feels like a minefield, you can contact us for one-off advice, case support, training, policy development or in-depth consultancy on info@latitudeconsortium.com

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